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Safety of gas in leisure vehicles is of upmost importance, the potential fire hazard is well known however leaking gas and carbon monoxide poisoning are by far the most lethal.

The most common cause of a gas leak is the bottle and connection.
A metal locker made to meet UK regulation ensuring leaking gas is contained and vented safely out of the vehicle is an essential feature of a van conversion.

Gaslocker.co.uk manufactured in house by Titan Beds developed as a gas locker to comply with the legislation, a copy of which is included on this site.

Gas Locker offer three sizes of locker, the first is designed for the smaller Campingaz 907 bottles, the second for Calor 4.5Kg bottles and the third for Calor 6kg bottles.

Complete Gas Locker kits are supplied with Metal Locker Gas Bottle Strap Gas Pig-Tail Hose Gas Regulator (Butane or Propane)
8mm Rubber Grommet Gas Drop Vent Gas Warning Sticker Gas Spanner (Individually items are also available from our product page)

Safety: Gas is heavier than air so a metal gas locker encasing your gas bottle with correct ventilation will ensure that should gas leak from the bottle it will safely vent out of the floor of the vehicle into atmosphere.

Security: How secure would you feel if you had a gas bottle not contained in a sealed locker and in your living/sleeping area.

Liability: Have you checked with your insurers as to who is liable in the event of a gas leak if the bottle is not contained securely.

FROM £130 inc VAT

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